Fencing Sales and Installation


We offer a wide array of posts depending on size, length and type needed. We also carry organic certified posts that meet necessary requirements. Our posts are hydraulically pounded into the ground, which ensures the strongest hold for the harshest Minnesota winters.

Woven Wire

Woven wire works ideally for sheep, goats, deer or elk. Depending on the size of the animal will determine the height of fence needed.

Wood Rail

Wood rail fence is aesthetically pleasing, yet works great for horses or livestock.

High Tensile

High tensile fence is the most economical and effective fence we build. It is the most versatile system for a variety of fencing needs.

Centaur & Electro Braid

These products are typically tailored for equine fences. These products maximize visibility for horses, yet can still be electrified to keep them in, while keeping predators out!